#09 Volha Zazulinskaya

Olga Zazulinskaya, 42, a mother of two. Olga was an observer during the 2020 presidential elections. She also used to volunteer at Akrestina and Human Rights Center “Viasna”. Olga’s registration and residence places were searched. A case under article 23.34 was instituted. Olga decided to leave due to threats to her children. One of the stories Olga told was about a boy she met at Akrestina. His mother sent him to buy sugar at the shop. The boy was arrested at the cashier in the shop. The psychotherapist recognized that the boy is sick. The boy had an occipital bone fracture, a broken ankle, and broken ribs. Оlga couldn’t figure out if he was actually telling the truth. He told that a guy suffocated in the paddy wagon and 3 witnesses told him that he died. People said that the boy started to feel bad because of epilepsy and he was thrown at Akrestina yard. He said, “I was so scared”. He asked Olga “Do you know how kittens die?” This sick kid was beaten up, humiliated and he couldn’t even bring those people to justice so that they get punished. Why did he have to be beaten up?

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