#24 Tatiana B.

“What can I wish for women? Only to gather strength, I think. And believe. It is very important to believe. That we will win, anyway”. 

Tatiana B, 26 years old, Minsk, economist-manager, works in a casino. The girl came from a small town of Zaslawye, where her family lives. Before 2020, she was apolitical and thought. 

The arrest of Viktar Babaryka became a wake-up for Tatiana. She went to the first action on August 13, when she found out that her friend had suffered and had seen terrible pictures of torture. 

On 15 November, Tatiana was detained on Pushkinskaya. Before that, for three nights, she took part in actions on the Square of Changes after the death of Roman Bondarenko. During the signing of the protocol, she was not given the opportunity to get acquainted with it.

Tatiana was released, but at the end of November she received a summons. Under Article 23.34 she was sentenced to seven days in prison.

Despite what happened to her, Tatiana does not lose her courage and optimism. She believes that Belarusians will definitely win, and justice will prevail.

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