BWF submitted information on Lukashenka's crimes to the Member States of the UN Security Council

Belarus Women's Foundation submitted information on Lukashenka’s crimes to the Member States of the UN Security Council. A criminal case against Lukashenka has been filed in the International Court (ICC) in The Hague for crimes against humanity”. In accordance with procedure, the Office of the Prosecutor General can independently initiate a criminal case if it has all relevant materials and information..

In accordance with the Rome Statute, however, the UN Security Council has a complementary relationship with the International Criminal Court. Documents to enable a criminal investigation to be instigated into the murder, torture and beating of civilians will be sent to heads of state and government of all UN Security Council members.

The following appeal to the UN Security Council has been made necessary by the catastrophic deterioration of the situation in Belarus:
Since submission of the documents which include numerous testimonies gathered by the Belarus Women’s Foundation, the following events have taken place:

1) On 17th May 2021 Lukashenko passed a law entitled  "Amendments to the Law on ensuring the national security of the Republic of Belarus". This new legislation completely deprives Belarusians, not only of their civil rights, but also the right to life. Accordingly, law enforcement officers will not be held responsible “for any harm they may cause when using force, weapons and special equipment." In other words, in Belarus, the murder of civilians by law by security agencies is permitted by law.

2) On 18th May, 2021, Lukashenko shut down (, the leading news portal in Belarus, and arrested 13 of its journalists.

3) On 23rd May, 2021, the Belarusian dictator ordered the hijacking of a European commercial aircraft operated by Ryanair, which was flying from Athens to Vilnius. This was in order to arrest independent journalist Roman Protasevich, against whom Lukashenko was seeking personal revenge.

4) On 25th May, 2021 17-year-old Dmitry Stakhovsky took his own life by jumping from a 16-story building. Before his suicide, Dmitry posted on a social network explaining that his action was due to his prosecution for allegedly participating in rallies.

5) On 25th of May, 2021, the Belarusian regime opened a criminal case against Edgars Rinkevics - Foreign Minister of Latvia, and Martins Stakis - Mayor of Riga,  for replacing the current flag of Belarus with the historic red and white flag that is a symbol of the democratic opposition.

6) On 1st June, 2021, Stepan Latypo, political prisoner tried to take his own life due to the pressure exerted on him in prison where he has been incarcerated since September 2020.

7) Even children are not safe from the actions of the regime. Currently there the following underage political prisoners:
- 16-year-old Nikita Zlotarev who has epilepsy was sentenced to 5 years in a colony. He was severely beaten in the pre-trial detention centre and by the police.
- Denis Khozei was sentenced to 3 years in an educational colony.
- 17-year-old Vitaly Prokharov, was sentenced to 2 years in an educational colony;
- Maxim Babich - 3 years of house arrest,
- Sergei Gatskevich - 3 years in a educational colony;
- 16-year-old Dmitry Strizhak - 2 years;
- 17-year-old Alexander Vinyarskiy - 3 years in an educational colony;
- Eduard Kudynyuk - 3 years
- David Zbaransky is in prison, He was charged with "Participation in mass riots."

From the above, it is clear that Lukashenko has not only terrorized the citizens of Belarus, but has also extended his reach beyond the country's borders. As such, he has begun to pose a real threat to security both in Europe and worldwide.

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