Every day more and more innocent people are sent to prisons in Belarus. 

Marking a year-anniversary of the elections on August 9, 2020, the Belarus Women's Foundation launched the "SOS" project:

Relatives of the Lukashenka's repressive machine victims call for the release of their loved ones who sacrificed their freedom for us. These people are placed into Belarusian prisons based on fabricated, falsified accusations and they are being tortured every day.

Detailed instructions for relatives / friends on recording and submitting video messages: link

Every day for a whole year, dozens of people in Belarus have been sent to jail. Their “crime” is disagreeing and having the desire to live in a free country made up of free people. Currently, more than 600 people in Belarus are recognised as political prisoners. This number is growing all the time. Thousands are in prison.

They are arrested for carrying the national flag, wearing red and white clothes, and participating in peaceful demonstrations. Doctors are detained for helping those injured in protests, and journalists, for reporting from those events.

Marking the first anniversary of the elections on 9th August, 2020, the Belarus Women's Foundation is launching the "SOS" project: a video appeal in which the relatives of victims of Lukashenko's repressive machine call for the release of their loved ones who sacrificed their freedom for us. These people are not criminals. They have however been sentenced to jail on trumped-up charges. They are subjected to torture and inhuman or degrading treatment.

We must be the voice of all these people. We must tell their stories. We must help them to become free and to hug their friends and family.  We need your help. Don’t remain indifferent. Help us to save these people and Belarus.

We thank Sviatlana Malashevich, Maryna Adamovich, Tatsiana Khomich, Volha Seviarynets, Volha Osipava, Daria Losik, Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, Anna Kanavalava for their videos. 

We are also calling for the following: 
-The immediate release of all political prisoners, and the cancellation of all criminal and administrative charges; 
-The cessation of legal proceedings against all unlawfully detained women, politicians, democratic activists, bloggers, people who want to build a country in which to live and those who have suffered severely due to  peacefully demonstrating for their rights;
-The prosecution of the criminal Lukashenko, his associates, and all those connected with the regime.

Project "SOS" in media: 

11.08.21: Radio Svaboda Interview: H. Sous &  Belarus Women's Foundation about project "SOS"

In an interview with Radio Svaboda (H. Sous),  Chairman of the BWF Veronica Tsepkalo, Board Member Angelica Agurbash, activist Ksenia Kalaur, and Daria Losik, the wife of political prisoner Igor Losik, talk about the new BWF SOS project, about support for political prisoners and the problems facing Belarusian society.

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