Project "Women in Brief"

The goal of the "Women in Brief" project is to create a gallery of video portraits of Belarusian women who took an active part in the Belarusian revolution. 

Their answers to five easy questions open up the secret of power and fragility of Belarusian women. 

We consider every story an unique fragment of the way to democracy and freedom. 

We believe that every story is important. 

We don't have a right to be judgmental or selective. Our goal is to create a full picture of the events through the eyes of the women.

Till now published interviews:


Ekaterina P, born 18.08.2000, Minsk.

Worked as a children’s animator in Minsk. She has been living in Poland since January 2021. When she was detained, she was forced to unblock her phone. Having found the NEXTA channel, the OMON police officers asked: “What do you want?” Kate answered: “Fair election!” While being detained, Kate’s friends were beaten on their legs, because their legs weren’t set wide enough.


Natalia Klimovich, Brest, accountant. After the elections, on August 11, security forces broke into Natalya's work and took her away because she was at her workplace in a dress in bchw colors. Natalia was kept in a pre-trial detention center for 2 days.


Irina is a pensioner. She was detained during peaceful protests twice, and both times she received huge fines which are much higher than Irina's pension. During the second arrest, she got her armed broken. Irina answers 5 questions about herself and explains why it is important to share your story.


Oksana, 23 years old, mother of a 7-year-old daughter. Civic activist, freelance journalist for several regional media. In May 2020 collected signatures for Svetlana Tsikhanouskaya, participated in the elections as an independent observer. In this short video, Oksana answers our five questions and explains why it is important to share such stories.


Maria Moroz, the head of the "A Country to Live in" foundation. "I saw a dream of our car exploding and I was very scared to put our children in the car".


Women in Brief. Volha Zozulinskaya


Sviatlana Baranouskaya, 51, a mother and a grandmother:

"We have to change everything so that we're not scared to live anymore. We have to protect our men. We have to save the world. It just can't be any other way.


Sviatlana Tsikhanouskaya, the chosen leader of the democratic Belarus.