+++142 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 105 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 10 MINORS in custody!!! +++in TOTAL: 1220 political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 274 under partial house arrest+++

LASITSA Tatsiana | ЛАСИЦА Татьяна

born | д.р.: 24.11.78    detained | задержана: 21.01.21

released | освобождена: ........

human rights activist, volunteer of the Human Rights Center "Vjasna". Details: Vjasna Human Rights Center

#FreeLasitsa !

Godparenthood for political prisoners in Belarus | Libereco

Gisela Manderla (Member of the German Bundestag) for Tatsiana Lasitsa:  “I call for the immediate release of the human rights activist Tatsiana Lasitsa. It is a legitimate right to stand up for human rights. Persecuting people who stand up for their rights is unacceptable and a violation of human rights. Therefore, the arrest of Ms Lasitsa should be classified as politically motivated.”

Videos, BWF:​

Video "I'm a political prisoner T. Lasitsa" ENG

Portraits T. Lasistsa, BWF:

Видео "Я-политзаключенная Т. Ласица" RU

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