+++196 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 224 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 7 MINORS in custody! +++in TOTAL: 1641 political prisoners in custody + 567 under partial house arrest+++

The Belarus Women’s Foundation has launched a new initiative, FASHION FOR FREEDOM. 


The main purpose is to attract international attention to human rights violations in Belarus. 

Women are detained and imprisoned simply for wearing red and white - the historic national colours of Belarus.


These are just a few of the cases:

- A Minsk dweller Inna Zaytseva was detained nine times and went through four court trials for wearing 

a white-red-white gown in public. 

- A Hrodna dweller Lubou Sarlay was arrested in the street of her native town for wearing white and red pants.

-  Kristina Milashevich was “picketing in white-red-white socks”. She got 15 days of imprisonment for that.


The BWF team call on world-renowned designers and budding designers to dedicate one piece from their current collection or new collection to Belarusian women who face violence and repression for wearing colors of their choice. 


We believe that Belarus fight for freedom has nothing to do with politics. We are convinced that what is happening in Belarus touches upon the rights of every citizen in the world. 


We urge you to support the fight of Belarusian women for human rights. We want to have the right to choose. 

To choose colors, clothes, a lifestyle. We want our voices to be heard.


The BWF team ask every woman to wear white and red in support of Belarus women 

who pay dear price for their right to choose the colors and the life they like.



Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

Thank you very much for your support!

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