Belarus Women's Foundation offers free psychological assistance to every woman who has suffered from the political situation in Belarus. Every woman has the right to a calm and happy life, and our psychologists are there to help to return it


- In what cases is it worth contacting a psychologist?

-It doesn't matter if the reason seems to be significant or just a minor one- your actual feelings that’s what matters. If you think that communication with a psychologist can be helpful to you, please do not hesitate to contact us

- What kind of psychological help do you offer?

- Individual consultations and group therapy via video link. In an individual consultation, you talk with a psychologist one-to-one. Group therapy provides an opportunity to share your experience with other women who have suffered from political repression and get their support in return.

- I can't talk about what happened. Does it make sense to seek help of a psychologist?

 -If you feel that you need psychological help but are not ready to talk about a traumatic experience, please do not hesitate to get help anyway. A qualified psychologist will find an individual approach to your situation and will respect your wishes about the aspects that you do not want to discuss.

-Is it safe?

-Group therapy and one-to-one consultations are anonymous and confidential.

- Must I switch on video?

-No, if that's more comfortable for you.

- I don't want to call. Can I chat via chat?

-Yes, you can.

- How to get psychological help?

- Write to us and our psychologists will contact you shortly.



Your peace of mind and emotional well-being are the essential elements of life!

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No. 1 "Getting through detention"

HELPLINE | "Self-Help"
New section of our psychological helpline «SELF-HELP»

New section of our psychological helpline «SELF-HELP»

HELPLINE | "Self-Help"

Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

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