We gather information about the crimes of the Lukashenko regime:   

The core of this work is a series of interviews with women from Belarus

who have experienced the atrocity of the Lukashenko regime.   

What we want is the whole world to hear about the strength and fearlessness of Belarusian women.   

The stories will serve as documented evidence of the regime's crimes.   

No bruise, no tear, no offence should remain unregistered!   

At the moment, there are more than 40 detailed interviews collected. Most of them cannot be published for the sake of interviewees’ safety. They are, nevertheless, filed to initiate further legal proceedings. 

All stories are treated very carefully: beginning from our interviewer team incl. phsyсhologists, translators & filmmaker teams and ending with a secure storage in a international data bank.   

Till now published interviews:


 #05 Anna Lepeshkevich.

23, musician, graduated from the Conservatory with honors. She worked in the Philharmonic society, and in music schools as a teacher in the class of cymbals. Detained on August, 10 2020, on her way the Stele, with a friend who was carrying a medical kit. Detained by OMON police officers, delivered first to the Pervomayskoye Department of Internal Affairs, then to Akrestino, later to Zhodino. After the release, she took part in street concerts as a musician. Had to leave the country because of the persecution.


#04 Nina.

Nina shares her story. On her request, we changed the name and blurred the face of the interviewee. The interview was taken in January. Soon after, Nina had to leave the country when she received a notice of being accused of criminal offence.


#03 Ekaterina.

Ekaterina is a university professor, a scientific researcher, a wife and a mother of two underage kids. When the elections campaign started, she became a volunteer at Victar Babaryka’s team and then an independent watcher at a local poll station. After the elections she and her husband took part in the peaceful marches on Sundays. In this interview, Ekaterina tells Veronica Tsepkalo about her arrest on September 13, beating of her husband and criminal prosecution.


#02 Olga, mother of Dmitry Gopta,

On February 12, 2021 a local resident Dmitry Gopta was sentenced in Zhlobin. He is 21 - if according to his passport. According to his mental condition, his mother says, - 6-7. The guy has mental retardation, diagnosed with F70.1, in the international classification of diseases it is said that this is "a significant violation of behavior that requires care and treatment." For 21 years, this care was provided to the guy by his relatives. But what will happen now, they do not know: Dima was sent to a colony for two years.

Veronica Tsepkalo spoke with Dmitry Gopta's mother


#01 Svetlana D, 44, 3 children. 

Detained while getting back home from work. She shares her story with Veronica Tsepkalo.

„We were crying and hugging each other“


# Oksana Borovskaya

Interview with Veronica Tsepkalo and Oksana Barovskaya

About protests and the threat of deprivation of parental rights.