On 1st of March 2021, Belarus Women’s Foundation published and sent to more than 50 international women’s and human rights groups, politicians, political and community activists its urgent call to action in response to the critical humanitarian situation of thousands of women in Belarus created by the Lukashenka regime:


Achieving the release of female political prisoners in Belarus is our primary and unconditional goal.


In this regard, we, representatives of women in Belarus, call to:


- immediate release of ALL POLITICAL PRISONERS in Belarus and their full rehabilitation;


- immediately and unconditionally release of ALL FEMALE POLITICAL PRISONERS and drop all the criminal and administrative charges they are facing;


- stop the criminal and administrative prosecution of all unlawfully detained women, politicians, democratic activists, bloggers, people who want to build a country for life, people who have suffered severely after peaceful actions for their rights“;


-  immediate rehabilitation, reparation of ALL political prisoners in Belarus;


-  hold all those involved by the Lukashenka and his regime accountable.


Text of Urgent Appeal

Poster & Flyer

List of female political prisoners in Belarus and their addresses


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