+++189 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 312 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 6 MINORS in custody! +++in TOTAL: 1745 political prisoners in custody+++ per 29.03.23

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Economic empowerment

Investing in women’s economic empowerment sets a direct path towards gender equality and economic growth. Women make enormous contribution to economies, either as entrepreneurs or employees, or by doing unpaid work at home.

BWF will work to promote sustainable development of Belarus women, their self-confidence, moral and material independence and self-determination.

BWF is going to attract and increase investment in support for women’s empowerment as an investment in the future civil society of Belarus.

We will encourage the increasing of the potential of women in politics, business, education, science, culture, public education and other socially relevant activities by creating forums for the exchange of ideas and experiences with participation of women having achieved success in various fields of life.

BWF is aiming to provide women with educational courses, training, online training, counselling, networking and other means to help them to find the basis for the self-growth.