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International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps

On this important day for the history of all mankind - International Day of the Liberation of Nazi Concentration Camps, we are reminded not only of the horrors of the past but also of the enduring importance of remembrance, justice, and human rights.

As we reflect on the liberation of these camps and the release of those held captive within them, we honor the memory of the millions who suffered and perished under the brutal regime of Nazi tyranny. Their unimaginable pain and loss serve as a stark warning against the dangers of hatred, bigotry, and extremism.

Today, as we witness the unspeakable atrocities inflicted upon the people of Ukraine by the Russian military, we are confronted with a stark reminder of the ongoing struggle for human rights and justice. Innocent civilians, including women, children, and the elderly, endure relentless violence, displacement, and suffering due to Russian aggression.

Amidst this dark chapter in history, it is imperative that we stand united in condemnation of these egregious violations of international law and human decency. The deliberate targeting of civilians, hospitals, and essential infrastructure constitutes nothing short of war crimes, demanding swift and decisive action from the international community.

On this solemn occasion, we must reaffirm our unwavering commitment to the principles of peace, justice, and human dignity. We call for the immediate cessation of hostilities, the withdrawal of Russian forces from Ukrainian territory, and the protection of civilians from further harm.

Today, we must also remind the entire world of the atrocities occurring in modern Belarus. Unfortunately, the topic of concentration camps has not bypassed Belarusians, both during the World War II and in our present time. As of today, six Belarusians have been killed within the confines of Lukashenko’s prisons, and tens of thousands of innocent civilians have passed through detentions that, in terms of conditions, torture, humiliation, and treatment of people, bear little difference from Nazi camps.

The Belarusian regime invents new methods of torture: children are separated from their parents, relatives of prisoners remain unaware of their loved ones’ fates in prisons for a year or more, and dissenters are placed in solitary cells with the hope of breaking them.

The Belarus Women’s Foundation calls upon the global community, human rights organizations, and the leadership of European Union countries and the United States to promptly hold accountable those responsible for mass human rights violations in both Belarus and Ukraine. This includes Putin, Lukashenko, and all other perpetrators of violence and aggression, as well as the enablers and collaborators who have aided and abetted their crimes. Every individual complicit in these atrocities must be held accountable for their actions.

As we commemorate this International Day of the liberation of Nazi concentration camps, let us honor the memory of those who perished in the Holocaust by reaffirming our commitment to upholding human rights and dignity for all. Let us be the voice for the voiceless, the hope for the hopeless, and the agents of change in a world still plagued by injustice.

We believe that in the near future, concentration camps will become relics of history.

💔Eternal memory to the victims of past and present concentration camps…

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Women political prisoners in Belarus

Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

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