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We gather information about the crimes of the Lukashenko regime


The core of this work is a series of interviews with women from Belarus who have experienced the atrocity of the Lukashenko regime.   What we want is the whole world to hear about the strength and fearlessness of Belarusian women. The stories will serve as documented evidence of the regime's crimes.   


At the moment, there are more than 50 detailed interviews collected. Most of them cannot be published for the sake of interviewees’ safety. They are, nevertheless, filed to initiate further legal proceedings (see our project "Road to The Hague").


All stories are treated very carefully: beginning from our interviewer team incl. phsyсhologists, translators & filmmaker teams and ending with a secure storage in a international data bank. 


No bruise, no tear, no offence should remain unregistered!  

Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

Thank you very much for your support!

Baltkrievijas Sieviesu atbalsta fonds Swedbank AS, Balasta dambis,15 LV-1048 Riga LATVIA

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