Interview with Veronica and Valery Tsepkalo

On December 8th, Veronica and Valery Tsepkalo gave an interview to the students at the department of Political Science, University of Copenhagen, who are writing a scientific paper on International Relations and conflict resolution. The title of the thesis is “Politics of Condemnation - How the EU’s condemnation of the Belarusian regime in the 2020 post-election period contributed to the (re)construction of identities and conflicts in Belarus”. The thesis investigates stigma management and identity of opposition leaders in Belarus. The relationship of Belarus with the EU and the reactions towards the EU’s condemnation of the Belarusian regime have been discussed. Veronica, as one of the three female leaders of the presidential campaign explained why she joined the movement, told about her her views and values as well as her future vision of Belarus. 

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