+++196 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 224 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 7 MINORS in custody! +++in TOTAL: 1641 political prisoners in custody + 567 under partial house arrest+++

Action "Start of the school year 22/23"

There are no other children!

By the beginning of the school year, the Belarus Women’s Foundation has traditionally decided to make children happy. This year BWF has allocated the material assistance to children of women political prisoners from the reserve fund "International Awards of Veronica Tsepkalo".

UPDATE 15.08.22  

           requests from 15 women for 23 children:  1.725,-  Euro

                                                                       helped: -1.725,-  Euro

Details: Action "Start of the school year 22/23" (belaruswomen.org)

Even the smallest step is a step towards our shared victory!

We invite you to take part in our efforts:

Support for children of women political prisoners in Belarus (belaruswomen.org)

Assistance to politicaly persecuted women in Belarus (belaruswomen.org)

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Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

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