+++185 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 186 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 9 MINORS in custody! +++in TOTAL: 1519 political prisoners in custody + 486 under partial house arrest+++

СУДЗІЛІШЧА "справа БелаПАН" | SHOW TRIAL "BelaPAN case

On 6/6/2022, in a closed offsite session, the Minsk Regional Court is reviewing a case of BelaPan. Four political prisoners are on trial: journalist and media manager Andrei Aliaksandrau and his fiancé Iryna Zlobina, editor-in-chief and director of BelaPAN Iryna Leushyna, former director of the agency Dzmitry Navazhylau. The trial is being held in the building of the Minsk district court chaired by "judge" Tuleika Viatchaslau.

Political prisoners are charged under a number of articles of the Criminal Code:
Part 2 of Art. 342 (organization of group activities which violate public order, and preparation or training for such activities) - Aliaksandrau, Zlobina;
Part 1 of Art. 356 (betrayal of the state) - Aliaksandrau, Zlobina;
Part 1 of Art. 361-1 (creation and leadership of an extremist organization) - Aliaksandrau, Navazhylau, Leushyna;
Part 2 of Art. 243 (tax evasion) - Aliaksandrau, Navazhylau

Among the defendants there are 2 women political prisoners:

LEUSHYNA Iryna | ЛЕВШИНА Ирина (belaruswomen.org)

ZLOBINA Iryna | ЗЛОБИНА Ирина (belaruswomen.org)

#FreeZlobina !         #FreeLeushyna !

#FreeBelarusWomen #FreePoliticalPrisoners

!We demand the immediate and unconditional release and rehabilitation of all political prisoners and the stop political repressions against people all over Belarus!

#ганьбатулейка #позортулейко #shametuleika

#blacklist #sanctions

#мывсезаписываем #даведачка #davedachka

We appeal to the so-called "judge"  Viatchaslau Tuleika  and demand to stop the bullying of innocent Belarusians!

Мы звяртаемся да так званага "суддзі" В. Тулейкі і патрабуем спыніць здзекі над нявіннымі беларусамі! 

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