+++190 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 544 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 4 MINORS in custody! +++in TOTAL: 1560 political prisoners in custody+++ per 15.04.24

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December 10 Human Rights Day: call for change in Belarus

Today, when the world celebrates the Human Rights Day, it is very important to highlight the human rights abuses in Belarus. Despite international standards protecting fundamental freedoms universally, Belarusians continue to face grave violations of their rights by the current regime.

Following the falsification of the 2020 presidential election, people in Belarus have been experiencing a catastrophic deterioration of human rights situation.  The rigging of elections led to widespread protests and demonstrations which the official authorities met with brutal repressions. Arbitrary detentions, arrests of peaceful protesters,  systematic torture and cruel treatment of people in detention centers have brought about tragic distortion of the reality in the country.

The rights to liberty and justice, which are the foundations of the due process of the law, are being denied to many Belarusians. The judicial system and the law enforcement agencies have been totally compromised by intitiating a huge number of unfair trials, politically motivated persecutions and convictions, as well as by expanding the application of death penalty. Human rights defenders and legal practitioners, advocating for justice, have also been subjected to systemic intimidation, harassment, and prison sentences[1].

In addition to this, Belarusian authorities are arbitrarily enforcing anti-extremist and counter-terrorism llegislation, using it to brand any dissenters “extremists”. Independent media, journalists and civil society organisations have been persecuted[2] , further stifling freedom of expression and assembly.

The current situation calls for urgent attention not only in the context of Belarus but also from the international community. Human Rights Day is a reminder of collective responsibility for protecting everyone's rights and dignity, regardless of borders and ideologies.

Efforts to address these human rights challenges require a multifaceted approach. Complex studies need to be carried out to identify regulatory and institutional shortcomings that breach international standards. Practical recommendations for legal and institutional reforms should be developed to bring national practices in line with universal human rights principles, and a system of public oversight to ensure compliance needs to be introduced.

The effective tools that could force the authorities into upholding its international obligations and respecting human rights are to disseminate the truth, show solidarity, apply diplomatic pressure and use sanctions against officials acting illegally and enforcing arbitrary decisions, as well as their family members.

On Human Rights Day we should reinforce our appeal for action and ask all parties to intensify their efforts in ensuring that every person in Belarus has their inalienable rights enshrined in international conventions respected. All perpetrators of human rights violations in Belarus must face justice. We ask you to sign the petition launched by the BWF to charge A. Lukashenko with crimes against humanity and war crimes[3] in the International Criminal Court (ICC).

Let us demonstrate our commitment to a world where justice, dignity, and human rights triumph, and where no one is persecuted for their pursuit of freedom and equality!

[1] According to a report by the World Organisation against Torture, as at 1 August 2023, at least 93 human rights defenders, including members and staff of human rights organisations, trade union employees, lawyers and journalists, were detained on fabricated charges in Belarus. https://www.omct.org/en/resources/reports/belarus-how-human-rights-defenders-are-being-silenced-a-new-report

[2] According to the www.lawtrend.org,  at least 1481 public bodies, foundations, or associations have been dissolved in Belarus between the post-election period of 2020 and November 2023. At least 949 organisations were in compulsory liquidation at the end of November, 532 decided to self-liquidate. https://www.lawtrend.org/freedom-of-association/situatsiya-so-svobodoj-assotsiatsij-i-organizatsiyami-grazhdanskogo-obshhestva-respubliki-belarus-obzor-za-noyabr-2023-g

[3] Please sign the petition and share it via social networks, groups and forums! Your signature and support may be crucial! Type #LukashenkaTribunal in your www.change.org search.

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Women political prisoners in Belarus

Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

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