+++142 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 105 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 10 MINORS in custody!!! +++in TOTAL: 1220 political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 274 under partial house arrest+++

Part 2. Women against Torture

In this part, we continue to talk with our heroines about torture and conditions in prisons in Belarus.

June 26, at the initiative of the UN, was declared International Day in Support of Victims of Torture. The Belarusian Women's Fund invited women who became victims and witnesses of the lawlessness of the security forces in Belarus to listen to what these brave Belarusians had to go through during their arrest and imprisonment and what consequences of torture they had to face. We will talk about what support victims of torture in Belarus need and try to outline what can stop torture in our country.

We invite you to share your stories - confidentially and securely. Your testimony will form the basis of criminal cases in international courts and help bring those responsible to justice.

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