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Status "Woman political prisoner" in Belarus: Description & Categories

The starting point for the “political prisoner” status determination is a criminal case initiated in connection with protest activities and leading to imprisonment or restriction of liberty with the referral to a correctional facility.

Group I. Women in custody:

In temporary detention facilities, pre-trial detention centers, remand prisons, under house arrest as suspects or accused under criminal articles in connection with protests; women serving sentences in colonies, prisons & women sentenced to restriction of freedom with a referral to a correctional institution („khimiya“):

  1. In custody (pre-trial)
  2. House arrest (pre-trial)
  3. In custody (after trial = serving the sentence in a colony)
  4. restricted freedom in an open correctional facility "khimiya" (after-trial = serving the sentence):

Group II. “Women subjected to politically motivated persecution”

All of them are now or were under criminal circumstances in connection with protest activities. Their cases must be reviewed within the framework of the law and a fair trial, and in the future, these people must be rehabilitated.

A) Women who are not imprisoned, but their freedom is limited by another or unknown measure of punishment:

  1. partial house arrest including pardoned prisoners, whose sentence was softened by the measure of restraint of freedom without being sent to a correctional institution (after trial = serving the sentence)
  2. on bail under an obligation not to leave the country (pre-trial)
  3. correctional labor / fine
  4. convicted with a suspended date of the sentence (after trial = serving the sentence)
  5. there is no information about the location, but there is information about the articles of the charge and the verdict

B) Women, who were prosecuted under criminal articles in connection with protest activities, and they were "conditionally released" (their lives are under the supervision of the regime) or escaped serving their sentences, but continue to be under political persecution:

  1. released after serving the sentence, as well as released after the investigation due to the closure of the criminal case,
  2. pardoned
  3. convicts in forced emigration (women who had already been convicted but left the territory of Belarus before or during the serving of their sentence)


-"Joint statement of the belarusian civil society on the political emergency in Belarus and the full number of political prisoners"

BWF joined this statement on 02.11.21

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Women political prisoners in Belarus

Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

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