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"Voice of Women (VOW)": new project, a collaboration between BWF and Scottish artist Karis Knight (KYK)

Belarusian women are taking part in a new project entitled

"Voice of Women (VOW) - My Step to Freedom"

This is a collaboration between BWF and Scottish artist Karis Knight (KYK).

One of the our aims is to give every Belarusian woman an opportunity to tell the world about herself. Every woman has a story that is unique to her and worthy of being heard.  Often cultural, linguistic and political barriers can alienate women from one another.  Sometimes how we look becomes an obstacle. We can judge a person by the protective outer shell that shuts their inner world from us. 

Karis decided to help women open the curtains to the glorious garden holding the secret that helps a woman survive and find joy even in the most terrible circumstances.

At first glance, Karis's paintings may appear strange but on closer examination, we begin to see the artist's subjects from the inside.  The women open the secret door to that part of their lives where they hide the brightest and most joyful moments that give their lives meaning.

Before starting work on the painting, Karis meets her subject to find the key to the door leading to the world of bright and joyful moments.  This search is often very difficult and time-consuming.  For a woman who has gone through many losses and is living with depression, it can be very challenging to re-experience certain parts of her life.

Opening up about trauma is only one route towards revealing the real you.  This road may be strewn with rocks. The trauma can draw you back into an experience that still screams in pain.

 In order not to be re-traumatised, it is important to pause to collect all the diamonds that glisten among the rocks on your life’s path and make it worth living. Karis paints portraits of women who this road to light and joy, by accompanying them further away from the pain and trauma.

Soon we will post excerpts from Karis’ conversation with the first participant in our collaboration. In the meantime, the image is of Karis at work in a London cafe.

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 The first three participants who can name the first participant in the project will receive our branded T-shirts

contact: art@belaruswomen.org

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