Video Appeal: Belarus Women's Foundation in Solidarity with women of Afghanistan

Belarus Women's Foundation published a video appeal

"In solidarity with women of Afghanistan"

"We, the women of Belarus, wish to express our support for the women of Afghanistan. We cannot imagine the pain and fear you must be going through. 

We want everyone to see how fragile the world is, and that what happened in Afghanistan can happen anywhere in the world.

Until recently, you were able to go to university and build a career, and a life of your own. Now your lives are in the hands of others.  This is the worst thing that can happen.  You are now subject to someone else’s will.

We will do everything in our power to bring this horror to an end.

We call on the international community, politicians, public figures, and the media to do everything possible to protect the women of Afghanistan, and put a stop to the violence!

We call on international women's organizations to help our Afghan sisters. Women's solidarity can work miracles. Of one thing we are sure - only together can we stand against violence."

#womensolidarity !

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