BWF Action: Support for children of political prisoners in Belarus

For most children and parents, the beginning of September is a very exciting and joyful period. Today our children are going to school, taking the first step into adulthood.

The start of the school year wasn’t a happy moment for the children whose parents are now in Belarusian detention centers and prisons. Their parents are not criminals. They are heroes. They are prisoners of conscience. They had the courage to express their views, were observers during elections, participated in peaceful protests, and told the world the truth about what was happening in Belarus. They refused to lie that black is white.

By the start of the school year, Belarus Women’s Foundation decided to support children whose parents are political prisoners and/or repressed by the Lukashenka regime. The Foundation sent out gift certificates to them.

For this initiative, the foundation has allocated funds, which were collected, among others, within the framework of the project of BWF #FashionForFreedom together with the designer Alena Steinke.

You can join the initiative of supporting children of Belarusian political prisoners by following the link Donate ( and indicating  the donation with the mark "children".

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Your contribution helps to make human rights violations public and to provide humanitarian aid.

Thank you very much for your support!

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