+++200 WOMEN political prisoners in Belarus in custody + 247 WOMEN under partial house arrest+++ 7 MINORS in custody! +++in TOTAL: 1716 political prisoners in custody+++

Veronica Tsepkalo at 100 Years of Paneuropa – Jubilee Congress 17. – 20.11.2022

100 Years of Paneuropa – Jubilee Congress 17. – 20.11.2022 Programm

18.11.22: #PanEurope is celebrating its 100th Jubilee Congratulations! I used this opportunity to speak about #Belarus, political prisoners, war in #Ukraine, our future and the ways to solve political crisis in the region. #belaruswomensfoundation #freebelaruswomen #freeBelarus Veronica Tsepkalo twitter.com/VTsepkalo/status

18.11.22: "Regime wie das von #Lukashenko und #Putin passen selbstverstänlich nicht nach Europa. Europa muss uneingeschränkt ein Kontinent der Freiheit sein!" Karl von Habsburg              twitter.com/paneuropa_at/status

18.11.22: "Ein Regime wie das von Lukaschenko passt nicht nach Europa.Europa sollte ein Kontinent der Freiheit sein. Deshalb sind die Belarussen auf die Straße gegangen,deshalb wurden Zehntausende von ihnen in Gefängnisse geschickt, wo das Regime sie brutal misshandelt", - Karl von Habsburg


18.11.22: EU Kommissar @JHahnEU weist in seiner Rede beim Jubiläumskongress „100 Jahre #Paneuropa“ darauf hin, dass Europa der internationalste aller Kontinente ist. Es wäre daher völlig illusorisch und auch kontraproduktiv, wenn wir glauben, wir könnten uns abschotten twitter.com/wbogensberger/status

18.11.22: Heute nahm Außenminister @DmytroKuleba an Jubileumskongress „100 Jahre Paneuropa“ teil. „Der Sieg der Ukraine wird auch der Sieg Europas und des Westens sein“ „Der Sieg der Ukraine wird auch der Sieg Europas und des Westens sein“,- #DmytroKuleba  twitter.com/UKRinAUT/status

18.11.22: Our chair @VTsepkalo at #paneuropa100 Congress in #Vienna: "I would like to congratulate Paneurope on its 100 Jubilee. Your work & dedication to unify Europe for a Century is an example of the values #Paneurope and #Europe in general stands for"

 "...When you share democratic values, such as freedom of speech, freedom of meetings, right to choose, free and fair elections and other basic principles, the choice is obvious. You are with those who share your values" #BelarusIsEurope twitter.com/belarus_women/status

18.11.22: Belarussische Diaspora in Österreich: Belarusians need allies in liberating #Europe from a dirty dictatorship that has no place on our Continent. And Paneuropa is one of the main one! twitter.com/BelDiasporaAT/status

19.11.22: "Geschichte & Geographie müssen Politiker in #Europa lernen. Sonst verstehen sie Europa nicht!", hat Otto v Habsburg gemahnt. Sein Verständnis des vereinten Europas beruhte auf dem Wissen um historische Zusammenhänge. twitter.com/paneuropa_at/status

19.11.22: Karl von Habsburg: This is war waged by Eastern despotism against Western democracy. Putin’s regime must be changed (18.11.22 21:59) « World | Censor.NET

19.11.22: путін веде війну проти Європи, його режим має бути змінений – Карл фон Габсбург (ukrinform.ua)

19.11.22: Gastkommentar - Geschichte verstehen heißt Europa verstehen - Wiener Zeitung Online

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen, dear honorable guests!

First of all, I would like to congratulate PanEurope on its 100 Jubilee. Your work and dedication to unify Europe for a Century is an example of the values PanEurope and, Europe in general, stands for.

For several decades, Belarus people were asked who they were with - East or West; Russia or Europe. For me personally, as a Belarus citizen, it is not a matter of geopolitical choice, it is a matter of the values you share with a specific country or a region. When you share democratic values, such as freedom of speech, freedom of meetings, right to choose, free and fair elections and other basic principles, the choice is obvious. You are with those who share your values.

In Belarus for many years, we were denied the basic democratic rights and principles. In 2020 the so-called Belarus President rigged the election for the 6th time in a row. Thousands of people went out on the streets to protest peacefully. President Putin, being well aware of the situation in Belarus, that Lukashenko has no support from the people, was the first one to recognize Lukashenko as a President-elect and later provided financial aid in the amount 1,5 billion dollars. This money was spent on law enforcement, on a punitive machine: to beat, to torture, to murder Belarusians; to humiliate, to give up their freedom.

Today, 2,5 years later, the situation in Belarus has significantly worsened compared to 2020. There are more than 1700 political prisoners in Belarus, 205 are female political prisoners, 237 women are under house arrest and this number increases every day. 45,000 people went through the prisons, which is an absolute record for any European country after World War II.

About 10% of Belarus' population had been forced to leave the country to save their lives and freedom. Ongoing repressions against its own citizens do not stop today.

Just to give the latest examples. Belarusians are getting imprisoned for anything: for making a donation to Belarus regiment who fight for Ukraine Anastasia Petrochenko was arrested, the wife of political prisoner Igor Losik – Daria Losik was detained for not giving up her fight for her husband who was arrested 2 years ago. Now their 4 years old daughter lives with grandparents.

We are punished for anything which is considered normal in any democratic country. Belarusians are getting arrested for leaving a comment in social media, for wearing red and white colors, our historical colors, for doing their job as doctors and journalists. What is taken for granted in EU countries, we need to fight for in Belarus. Political prisoners are beaten, tortured by cold, no medical help is provided in Belarus prisons. Lukashenko physically destroys our homes in Belarus, so we have no home to return back. My house in Minsk lies in ruins after the visit of so-called law enforcement officers.

Recently, the slogan «Long Live Belarus» was banned and recognized as Nazi by Lukashenko regime and his junta. In case you say this slogan publicly, you can get up to 4 years in prison. He adopted a law according to which Belarusians who had to flee the country cannot take part in elections. Lukashenko plans to deprive the citizenship of those Belarusians who left the country after 2020. This is a direct violation of civil rights and freedoms.

My firm belief is that if the world helped us to arrest Lukashenko back in 2020, the war in Ukraine could be prevented. Illegitimate President has dragged my home country into a horrific war in Ukraine. Almost each and every Belarusian has a family member, loved one, friend or co-worker from Ukraine.

After World War II, when the Soviets were fighting shoulder by shoulder with each other, when my grandfathers were fighting next to Ukrainians, Russians, Georgians, Armenians, Kazakhs, and other soviet nations, in the worst nightmare we could never imagine that 77 years later the war against our neighbor could have started.

I would like to reiterate the message; Lukashenko is not entitled to represent the Belarus people, he lost the elections in 2020. This person illegally makes the decisions on behalf of Belarus, thus Belarusians should not be held liable for his criminal actions and decisions.

Today Brave Belarusians fight and give their lives for Ukraine's future in the Kalinovsky and Pogonya regiments. With all our hearts and souls Belarus stands with Ukraine! The war in Ukraine should be stopped immediately!

We all acknowledge when Ukraine wins, President Putin is going to lose his power and Belarusians are going to win our war against dictatorship and autocracy.

I'd like to appeal to Europe. When the war is over, knowing the way Lukashenko acts, he is going to start claiming that he always was against the war, only because of his goodwill Belarus troops did not enter Ukraine, he was forced by Putin to use Belarus soil to invade Ukraine. Neither listen nor believe this person, he is going to fool you. Several months before the war in Ukraine he was swearing that Belarus would never attack Ukraine and we all witnessed what had happened.

For six-month, Belarus Women’s Foundation volunteers were collecting the testimonies of women who were tortured and beaten in Belarus prisons. We filed a claim with the International Criminal Court in The Hague against Lukashenko. Please help us in any way, to open the case against Lukashenko to be liable for all crimes he committed against the Belarus people, for allowing to use our land to invade Ukraine. Both Lukashenko and Putin must be sued the same way as other dictators such as Slobodan Miloshvich from Yugoslavia, Muammar Kaddafi of Libya, Омар аль-Башир from Sudan.

Last thing to conclude – we need to learn from our experience. As the situation is worsening in Belarus, our people feel very demotivated. We believe that bringing people back to political life may change the situation, especially in the circle of people around Lukashenko. We would like to launch an initiative for online elections in Belarus, for this purpose we are going to use an independent online platform for elections and to invite international observers. We want a parliamentary republic where not a single person with unlimited powers takes decisions. We fight for multiple voices to be heard, where we will have an open discussion and dialog. We believe this may change the situation inside of Belarus.

We all want to stop the war in Ukraine and get back to our beloved Belarus. We want to live in peace and democracy the way European nations have been living for many decades.

I believe together we will win.

Long Live my beautiful Belarus and Glory to Ukraine!

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